In no particular order: My parents, Uncle Harry and Aunt Lois, Uncle Cliff and Aunt JoAnne, Cousin Donna, Aggie, Slivensky's, Savolainen and Holli families, E. Kymala, Tuiju O in Germany, Veikko V in Kuusamo, ernesharju family, Erkki Aikkila, Reijo Kiviniemi, Erkki T (Tervola specialist), Tammy (Tromsø specialist), DJim K at FinnU, V Holappa, Harri Hirvelä, Lynn O my Min Kin, Christina P, Josh L in Oregon, Janet M, Beverly W in SD, Dan K in Minn, Vivian G W, V Ronkainen, Pertti, Sheila W, Satu K., and Ari A (helped with my Tervola Klints). The maps of Finland were altered from the maps found at the Ministry Of The Interior website. Website designed using a combination of raw html and Dreamweaver MX. Most phots were repaired or airbrushed using Adobe Photoshop 6.0 and 7.0. I use the software package Family Tree Maker 10.0.