Great-great-grandparents Peter Närä and Eva Keskitalo taken in Tornio, Finland about 1885. Great-grandparents Hans and Amelia Hannula About 1905 Issac Abramson andJennie Karjalinen wedding picture 1904 great-grandparents Emil Hannula and Elmiina Nara married in Aug of 1900 Great-grandfather Mauritz Randell About 1920 Great-grandmother Lydia Klint at Rabbit Bay, MI About 1940 The Hannula farm in Woodland, MI. Where my mother and grandfather's family grew up. Great-grandfather Emil Hannula working the Binder in Woodland, MI. Postcard from Jacobsville at Horlicks Dam. Inscription: Pesemässä Kasoliini Kärroä - "washing the gasoline-powered carraige" Grandfather working on the railroad in Gay, MI About 1935 Great-uncle Hubert with horses Sandy and King 1938 more