Grandpa Randell (left) with his Model A My mother after a light snowfall on Cloverland Rd.  My father, Clyde, on the job at Centenial Mine #2 during surface duty (summer shutdown) 1959, where he worked before becoming a teacher. Great-grandmother in Bootjack, MI My grandfather's World War II ID badge while he worked for C & H.  Clyde & Karen wedding picture (my folks) 1963 My childhood home, following a light snowfall. Me and dad playing hockey on an ice rink that he built, ca. 1982. Me and my sister.  1981  She's getting ready to march in a parade.  Buffy and I sure enjoyed growing up on the shores of Lake Superior Found this in a shoebox.  It said "Cousin Emil" on the back.  About 1910.  Do you know who this is? back