Resources for Finnish Genealogy:

Websites: Translations:
 The Genealogical Society of Finland
   Very comprehensive website with articles, researchers, pictures, help, and more

   Search program for church books. Most Finnish church books between about 1725 and 1850 have been posted online

Old Swedish and Finnish given names:
   Genealogical Society of Finland guide guide
   Meanings of Finnish names

Terms and abbreviations on Church records:
    Historismi.Net guide
    Genealogical Society of Finland (not in English)

Causes of Death on Church records
     Historismi.Net guide

Types of occupations on Church records:
     Historismi.Net guide

Online Finnish Dictionaries: 
    Also has Norwegian and Swedish

     Harri Hirvelä's page has a discussion board and a great resource section
Online sites with common ancestors:
SukuRaitti families on Main Street
      There are 61 online charts on this page - they are all users of the Sukujutut software. Charts #2 and #12 have thousands of names from Kuusamo.  Some of the family lines predate HisKi. Also, there are many names for parishes that have yet to published on HisKi like Pudasjärvi and Taivalkoski, as well as post-1850 entries
Sukuni - Jarmo Haapamäki There are hundreds of Enontekiö names in the Tiedostot section.This site has a lineage of the Enontekiö Kyrö family that goes back to 16th Century Isokyrö parish
Cheryl Koons Pedigree Has many Kuusamo and Pudasjärvi names Maps:
1550 Henry Oinas Has family groups and some biographical information about the original Oinas settlers in Pudasjärvi. The descendants of this family spread out to other parishes in Lappi and Oulu,  including Kuusamo

      Elin Olintytär Oinas (1679-1741) married Juho Räisänen (1682-1740)  in Pudasjärvi. Their granddaughter, Priita Pavanotytär Hyttinen-Sirniö married Kustaa Pernu from Kuusamo

Jurvansuu family This is the parent site of the above chart

Finnish road map Autoilijan tiekartta

Karttapaikka Detailed current map of Finland.
    You have to apply for a login

Town and City Index
Has 18,623 locations

Carol's Page Emil and Hillia have Kuusamo, Kemijärvi, and Rovaniemi ancestors. History:
Sangin Sepäset Website devoted to the village of Sänginkylä in Utajärvi parish. Has biographical information on some Holappa ancestors, as well as information about the farms and their isäntäs.

History of Finland from Virtual Finland website.
     Includes a chronology of Finnish history.

The Kalevala John Martin Crawford's translation
       of the Finnish folk epic

The Sami This site gives a great overview on
       the Sami peoples.

The Sami in Finland Academic article from       the Research Centre of Wales

Sami link page with a variety of articles

Swedish Regiments and Calvary great site about the soldiers in your Finnish family tree.

Kärpän suku Has descendants of Pekka Kärppä, one of the original Kemijärvi settlers. Like Henry Oinas, the family disseminated throughout Lappi and Oulu.
Ruikan Suku Has descendants of Pekka Ruikka from Rovaniemi.

Tiuraniemi/Hookana Family Association This is the parent site of the above charts. The site has pictures of some of the farms.
Jan-4 Families of the North of Scandinavia. Mostly of Sami origin.
Paavali Halonen Descendants of Kemijärvi's original settler.
American Resources: Genealogy Software: This website is very useful but very expensive. I recommend going to a public library or Mormon Family Research Center to use it. Has extensive message boards and an indexed United States Censuses.

Ellis Island Database

The Mormon Church ( Here you can search for Mormon    Family Research Centers. At centers, you can order microfilms/microfiches of church books from all around the world. The Family History Library catalog is also available online. It is the easiest way for Americans to look at foreign original sources.

   Double-check anything you find on their World Ancestral File.
Family Tree Maker ( version)
This is the software that I use. It is extremely easy to create a wide variety of professional reports, and easy to learn and navigate. Exports and imports GED-com files with ease. Only 30$. The only drawback is the scrapbook feature for images is not very useful.

Freeware utility that builds a navigable tree.

Dynamic Family Tree Compiler see above

Free software available from the Mormon Church. It is easy to use and practical, but has an unattractive interface. This software's scrap booking utility is superior to Family Tree Maker
Humor: (yes genealogy enthusiasts do have a sense of humor)  Emigration:
 Speak Finnish like a restless native Käyhän että tuon kannettavani saunaan? Finnish Passport Search

Miscellaneous Links:

Troms-Slekt Excellent website for Troms genealogy in Northern Norway.

Uljas Koitto Temperance Society Founded in Quincy, MA in 1892, this society is still active and sponsors a weekly Sauna in Pembroke, MA Pasty Central straight from the UP (Upper Peninsula of Michigan). Their Pasty Cam daily photos are amazing. Lots and lots o' Finnish
Americans from da UP - including me.

Boston University School Of Management Where I work full-time as a computer lab manager.

Museum of Science Where I work part-time in the Exhibit Maintenance Department. If you visit me in Boston I can give you a free tour.

Pictures from my adventures and mis-adventures

Every Last Windmill Shall Fall A music and art collective that I founded with my friends.